Krystal Covington Photography | About

Hello I am Krystal! I am 35 years old and live in Troy, OH with my husband Greg. I have 3 children, two beautiful girls, Kiley and Delaney, and one sweet baby boy, Cooper. I am also step mom to 3! We have a very crazy busy life but we LOVE it!

I have always had a passion for photography and was always toting my camera around on family vacations, and at high school dances. My passion grew when I had my first baby, though they were mostly just snapshots I think I may have taken 1,000 pictures in just the first month of her life. I would take a picture of her in every new outfit she wore! When my second baby was born and I had some pretty bad experiences with mall and chain photographers I decided I was going to get my own nice camera and take my own pictures. So when she was almost a year for Mother's Day I told my husband I wanted a Nikon! I learned very quickly that taking photos was more than just having a nice camera. I started teaching myself my camera, asking other photographers for help and critique, and reading and practicing in every spare moment. The rest is history. I enjoy every moment I am out taking pictures from tiny toes to lovebirds on their wedding day.