Newborn | Elijah | Dayton Area Newborn Photographer

April 12, 2016  •  1 Comment

This session was very special to me! I have known Elijah's sweet mommy since my oldest was just a baby. She started out watching my children in the child watch at the YMCA nursery. She loved my oldest daughter and always treated her like a princess when I would bring her to the YMCA. Later, when I had my middle daughter I was in need of someone to watch my newest addition overnight while I worked as my parents have moved out of town. She started watching my kids in my home over night for hours at a time while my husband and I worked third shift and then slept half the day. I could always count on her she was the best babysitter or nanny I could have. She even took care of my dogs when we were on vacation.  She eventually graduated college and met an amazing man. So I quit my hospital job to pursue my photography business because who could replace such great nanny?!  I was honored to photograph their wedding last year and now this year they have a brand new baby boy. Isn't he the CUTEST?! 




Nancy Bogantz Betz....(non-registered)
Alysia is my granddaughter and I have been admiring all the photography you have done for her...Congrats, you are very talented..
Sincerely, Nancy Bogantz Betz
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