Glitter Fun! Happy Fifth Birthday Delaney-Troy Ohio Child Photographer

June 11, 2015  •  5 Comments

 I cannot believe my little girl is going to be five already. It just seems like yesterday that she was born. She was so tiny and so sweet. She had huge brown eyes that were too big for her little face and a full head of dark reddish hair. She was my rainbow baby. She is growing into a beautiful little girl. Full of life and spunk. She gives me a run for my money most days. She always has an opinion on everything. She is intelligent and fun. The things she says and comes up with I could seriously write a book! She is our Laney Lu. She has named herself "Lulu Star" and she truly is a star. Our baby girl.  


Love you Lulu! 




these are just lovely!
She is absolutely beautiful! I just love all the rich colors too! Gorgeous!
These photos are BEAUTIFUL! And what an amazing location. I love her flower crown, and the glitter, just... all of it! You can really see her personality in the way you styled the shoot and edited the photos. Love them all so much. Happy birthday to your baby girl.
Oh, what an absolute doll. These photos are simply perfect and she is so gorgeous, smiling and not :) I love the glitter!!!
These are beautiful! Happy birthday to your little girl. <3
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